More than a body?

It seems we’ve reached a point where looks¬†trump everything else, especially when it comes to women. Body image is probably the most talked about subject matter and it affects young people today negatively. Body “positivity” is doing very little to make things easier in this area for everyone.

The biggest issue I have with this topic is the fact that those who push it also argue that what our bodies look like does not matter. If it doesn’t matter then why are you obsessing over it?

For anyone who wants to pinpoint the exact flaws within the “Feminist” movement, you just have to look at the section on body positivity. This embodies the same tactics in relation to one party being shamed to build up another. It would seem that the only other thing “feminists” hate as much as men are thin women. Misandry and misogyny are the two key issues that this movement has unintentionally highlighted within itself.

The movements surrounding “body positivity” do nothing to improve standards of mental and physical health in men and women. In fact, they shame thin women and instill and encourage the need for validation, the very thing that should be stamped out. “Plus size” women need to be validated in order to push the view that ‘fat is beautiful’.

As a teenager, it wasn’t the magazines or billboards that prompted my insecurities. It was everyone around me constantly talking about it.

Having such negative views of myself really affected me and my relationships with those around me. I couldn’t stand in for photos, I wore baggy clothes and sports bras because I thought my boobs were too big. I even ended a relationship when I was sixteen because I saw it going down a path that would end in sex. I couldn’t even look at my own body without feeling sick so the thought of anyone else seeing it made me scared and upset.

I could have had a peaceful time during my teens if body image wasn’t up for discussion. I was aware of the changes that were occurring but I didn’t realise that we had to talk about them as though they were the only things that mattered and defined us as people. ¬†My body does not define me, it does not speak for my achievements and I would rather be judged based on who I am and what I can do than my shape and size. I don’t want to talk about it, there is no point in doing so.

The idea is this, women are not objects. We are living, breathing individuals with minds of our own. We have visions and goals we want to come true just like our male counterparts. Gender does not have any major impact on your ability to do your job and achieve great things, your drive does. I am not my body, my body belongs to me and I am the soul that inhabits it, I am what is driving it. I am not an object, I am a young woman with a voice, with ideas. I am passionate, I am capable and I am intelligent. I am as good as any man on this planet and I do not thrive on validation I receive for how my body looks.

I gave up on trying to be ‘beautiful’ a while ago, I want to be something else, I want something that I can carry until my last breath. So, if you can’t be so much as pretty, be something else. If you are pretty, be something as well as that.