Third wave feminism is a sinking ship

Since my mid teens I have been a feminist, a seemingly rare type of feminist who believes that men and women are equals and my gender cannot stop me from reaching  my goals and pursuing my dreams. I don’t believe I should follow any particular stereotype just because such stereotypes exist and because of feminism, I don’t have to, I can go about living my life as I see fit just like my male counterparts.

However, feminism has unfortunately been destroyed by fools who believe that their right to resemble the gorilla playing the drums on the Cadbury’s ad should be represented by a political movement. My fellow ladies, grow it out and by all means walk around with your arms in the air but don’t you dare do it in the name of feminism.

I came across this status on Facebook posted by Rob Dyke over a year ago and saved it even though at the time I was still hopeful, this movement could possibly be saved, but now, I realise how right he is;

“Feminism in itself is a good thing. It’s much needed movement internationally. However, as it applies in America, feminism is a small ship within a sea of radical ideologies. A small ship full of holes. Real feminists (the good ones) are shovelling out the water, when in reality, that’s not going to do anything. They need to separate from the sea and find a more sturdy ship–one without holes and idiotic passengers who have no idea how to handle sharp objects.”

Trying to save feminism is like trying to resuscitate someone who has had their head blown off..

He goes on to say.

“America has partnered good old fashioned feminism with man-hating lesbianism, and it has poisoned the well. Now, legit feminists struggle to remain valid within a country full of radical buffoons who prioritize free bleeding and armpit hair. The symbol of feminism has quite literally become a hairy armpit. While in places like the Middle East, feminism is about making your own decisions–not being forced into marriage–not having to cover up or consult a man on everything. The right to live.”

The thing is, the western world has more or less completely separated itself from this way of living. When you apply the type of feminism the Middle East need to the Western world, it doesn’t work, because we already have much more freedom and respect than they do. The Western world must focus on tidying up loose ends, in comparison to the Middle East that is all we need to do. Third wave feminism has also started to become anti-femininity in trying to show women that they do not have to be a certain way things like wearing makeup, working out to stay slim and healthy and being interested in fashion are frowned upon, shaving/waxing your body hair is seen as conforming to unrealistic standards of beauty when in actual fact all of these things come down to personal preference, if you don’t like it, don’t slam the woman beside you for doing so.

Rob Dyke finishes by adding;

“America has become so pompous and so entitled that we have people claiming that even if a SOBER woman requests sex from a man, who she has sex with, and cuddles with afterwards, it could STILL be rape because men have programmed women’s brains.

So, yes, American feminism is a sinking ship and should be abandoned. Egalitarianism should be embraced above all other things. But the word “feminism” has been written off and blacklisted because too many actual feminists have allowed the seed of radicalism on their ship.”

It is a shame to see such an important movement ripped to shreds by the very people who need it most and are responsible for helping this movement to grow and make a positive difference. The majority who have used feminism to disguise their contempt for men have made a mockery of the minority who have worked long and hard to establish gender equality. There are incredible people in this world who for awhile made it seem as though feminism was flourishing and benefiting everyone, these are the people who should be in the majority and should be heard. Anna Serner, head of the Swedish Film Institute and Dr Rosemary Day are personal favourites of mine who I have had the privilege of meeting and listening to during a seminar on tackling gender inequality in the film industry in March earlier this year.

A few months ago, I wrote an article for the Limerick Post about gender inequality in the film industry. I conducted an interview with the head of the Media and Communications Studies Department at Mary Immaculate College as part of my research for the article. During the interview, Dr Rosemary Day said something that has stayed with me since then that summed up feminism perfectly. She said, “Men seem to crowd the space so what we’re looking for are ways for women to get in to share that space.” Though she may have been saying this in relation to the film industry, I believe it is relevant to feminism in every way.



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