Warning: These words may hurt..

Scrolling through my timeline, just like everyone else nowadays, I notice as I read through post after post, the majority of what I am reading is all the same. Although I deactivated my Tumblr account over a year ago, I cannot delete it from my other social media sites. I must admit I find some of the screenshots of posts on the site hilarious but then there are the posts that remind me exactly why I deleted my account in the first place. I believe that this particular social media site is incredibly toxic. Blogs containing pictures of emaciated women, morbidly obese women and limbs covered in self inflicted wounds are nowhere near as horrifying as their captions, encouraging those who view them to inflict pain on themselves as it will show strength and empower the people that do so. It is also home to the illogical, the easily offended and the ones who claim to be some sort of hybrid on a broad spectrum, each person competing with the next over whose gender or orientation is the most rare or most impossible to explain.

Though I would like to think that I am accepting of people and adapt a “to each their own” type of attitude, -I have to draw the line somewhere. I feel that a lot of this is regression instead of progression.In this day and age open-mindedness excludes those who are born cis heterosexuals. If you are biologically male and attracted to the opposite sex, you are not deserving of respect or sympathy during tough times. If you are a white heterosexual cis man in this day and age then you do not deserve a voice because of how much you were apparently born with.

Privilege is separating everyone despite those demanding it to be checked claim to be fighting for equality. If you own a computer and live in a heated house with food and running water, how can you possibly complain about privilege? In a world where equality and unison are the aims of the left, why is everything and everyone given a name and put in a box they are forbidden to get out of? Why is the ‘norm’ suddenly becoming such a terrible thing?

Acceptance and diversity will never be achieved if in an effort to reach those targets, entire groups within society are alienated and shamed. An example, fat people will never be accepted if they continue to shame thin people, that argument in general is disgusting. Placing one type of unhealthy on a platform and condemning the other form of unhealthy is ridiculous and a complete and utter contradiction. Also, what about those who are in between? Those who aren’t fat but aren’t thin either? Are they like the bisexuals? Indecisive? Refusing to pick a side? Please.

I could go on about just how ridiculous people are becoming but at the same time it’s the fault of the Left, freedom and encouraging diversity brings this out in society and we have to learn to deal with it. The Right may have some messed up views but Christ on a bike! We Lefties have a lot of sorting out to do. We need to have a serious think about what our actions mean in the long term. A world where free speech is tainted because “words hurt” is a world in which there are very few words we can use and very few topics that can be openly talked about.



2 thoughts on “Warning: These words may hurt..

  1. Yessssss omg you have put every thought I’ve had about Tumblr into words. You know once I got called ‘cis scum’, because I reblogged a post about having the right to not be comfortable with an abortion? I’ll be sure to link this very well written and concise piece. Well done!

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